Because it shouldn't take all day.
Setup waivers according to projects. Scan your pre-liens and auto-populate your waivers. Get paid faster by sending waivers faster each month.
Save Time
Improve Your Waiver Process
Eliminate data entry keying errors. Send your construction waivers in minutes instead of days for an entire project.
Eliminate tedious data entry from your accounting staff allowing them to do higher functioning tasks.
Optimize Your Staff
Send Unconditional Progress, Conditional Progress, Unconditional Final and Unconditional Final waivers in a few clicks each month.
Cutting edge technology that reads your uploaded preliminary lien notice and pre-populates your construction waivers for you in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

After 20 years of experience in construction accounting and creating tens of thousands of waivers we realized there was a better way, we just had to create it ourselves.
What Is WaiverPro?
  • We do help you get paid faster. Waiver efficiency improves your cashflow.
  • We do eliminate keying errors.
  • We do automate the distribution of waivers according to projects. We do give you the ability to send Conditionals and Unconditionals in the same email.
  • We do send waivers in minutes. Because it shouldn’t take all day.
What We Do
  • We don’t hook into your accounting software. WaiverPro is designed to be simple, we deal with waivers and not your accounting system.
  • We don’t pay your vendors. You are in charge of cutting checks and managing your own money.
  • We don’t receive emails from your subcontractors or vendors. We send them out but be prepared because they’ll be coming back fast to your email address.
  • We don’t do pre-liens or liens, we do waivers.
What We Don't Do
WaiverPro Functions
Free Trial
Duration: 1 Month
200 Waivers / Month
Pricing Plans
500 Plan
Duration: 1 Month
500 Waivers / Month
1,500 Plan
Duration: 1 Month
1,500 Waivers / Month
When your business is booming and you process more than 1,500 waivers a month, let us know so that we can get you a great price.

Send us your requirements and we will set you up with Enterprise Pricing.
Over 1,500 Waivers / Month
Enterprise Level Plan
Why WaiverPro
  • Aggregate waivers according to project
  • Identifies unsent waivers by project
  • Eliminates keying errors on waivers
  • Automates the distribution of waivers
  • Frees up times from doing tedious waivers for more pressing issues
  • Keeps track of when final waivers are sent out
  • Set up multiple projects
  • Stores email addresses by vendor and project information
  • Allows you to send conditionals and unconditionals within the same email
  • Send waivers in minutes
  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • It’s not saving you time, it’s giving you time back
You have plenty of options. You can drag and drop the preliminary lien pdf file to auto-populate the fields. You can highlight and drag the information into the correct fields. You can type the information in manually one time and it will be stored for your use throughout the remainder of the project.
How Does Information Get from The Preliminary Lien Into The Waivers?
The verbiage on each waiver is from the statutes of that state. The waivers are general but meet the qualifications for each state. If there are any questions or recent updates we haven't caught be sure to let our team know.
Where Is The Verbiage On The Waiver From?
The administrator of the account can go to the dashboard and "add a member" for as many additional members as necessary to complete all of your jobs. The administrator will enter the name and email address to add a new member. The aggregate number of waivers created will be counted towards the total for your selected plan.
What If I Am Not The Only Person In My Company Working On Waivers?
We are actively adding additional states regularly. If you would like to specifically request your state for us to update please send an email to and we will provide you a timely update.
Does WaiverPro Work For Every State?
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